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NW Rumble Tournament Rules

2023 Northwest Ringette Rumble Rules

Official Tournament Rules

  1. All teams, major and minor officials and fans will show good sportsmanship throughout the tournament.

  2. The Official Rules of Ringette Canada will apply, except as modified below to suit this tournament.

  3. All players must be registered with Ringette Alberta or Ringette Canada.

  4. All players must be registered as a member or affiliate of the team with the applicable provincial or zone body unless accepted otherwise by the Northwest Ringette Tournament Organizing Committee. Teams who play an ineligible player will have the result(s) of the affected game(s) cancelled. The affected game(s) will be awarded to the team(s) not playing an ineligible player by a 4-0 score unless determined otherwise by the Tournament Organizing Committee.

  5. Player Affiliation Rules: Affiliate players must be registered on provincial registrations as per the Ringette Alberta Operating Policies and Procedures (Section C, IV)

    The maximum number of players listed on a game sheet:

  1. Teams must declare goaltenders(s), captain(s) and alternate captain(s) on the game sheet by indicating G, C and AC. Teams must also declare affiliate player(s) on the game sheet by indicating AP.
  1. All teams are guaranteed 4 games, except for U14 C and U19B, as these are 6 team divisions. U14C and U19B will be a 3-game guarantee with a Gold Medal final for teams finishing 1st and 2nd in the round robin. Format of games:
  1. All teams must be available to start tournament play by 7:00 am on Friday November 3, 2023.

  2. Game sheets are to be completed and signed electronically.

  3. Each team to provide two or three minor officials for each game, as per new structure issued by Ringette Alberta

  1. The penalty for not playing a game is forfeiture of points (2 points will be awarded to opposing team for said game), and the posted score will be 4-0.

  2. HOME team are to choose their jersey color. In case of conflict in uniform color the AWAY team will change their uniform.

  3. Teams must be ready to ice their team ten (10) minutes before game time. Teams not ready to play within two (2) minutes of the referee’s whistle being blown to start the game will forfeit the game. However, the game will be played as an exhibition game.

  4. Ringette Canada rule 6.5 says "A team that leaves the ice then starts play within one minute of being directed to do so by an on-ice official shall be assessed a Delay of Game penalty. If the team fails to start play within one minute of being advised to do so, the game is forfeited. If a team leaves the ice for a second time during a game, the game is immediately forfeited.

  5. Time-Outs: Each team is entitled to ONE (1) 30-second timeout per regulation game. Each team is entitled to ONE (1) additional 30-second timeout in overtime.

  6. If only five (5) minutes remain in an assigned time slot, the clock will be reset to two (2) minutes at the first stoppage of play.

  7. Game Format:

  1. Point Structure: Teams receive two (2) points for a win, one (1) point for a tie, and zero (0) points for a loss. At the completion of round robin play, teams will be ranked according to the total points in all games played.

  2. Games scores will be posted on the Ramp Rumble Tournament Site:

  1. A maximum seven-goal differential will be applied when posting game scores.

  2. In medal games, the higher place team shall be HOME.

  3. Breaking of Tie Scores in Tournament Games:


    *NOTE: actual game scores will be used to calculate the following:

    When two or more teams have an equal number of points after round robin games have been completed, the teams will be ranked according to the following rules. These shall be followed in sequence until the tie is broken (i.e. one team is eliminated from the tie).

  1. A match penalty will automatically result in suspension from all subsequent tournament games. Match penalties are submitted to Ringette Alberta with the Officials report on the Monday following the tournament for further suspensions/review. Any participant receiving a misconduct penalty will be required to attend a discipline hearing before returning to competition.

  2. Any TEAM accumulating MORE than thirty (30) minutes in penalties in any ONE GAME, shall see the head coach or acting coach from that game suspended for the next tournament game. (No grievances will be accepted)

  3. Protests will be accepted with a certified cheque or cash of $200 and a letter outlining the reason for the protest. The cash and letter must be turned into the registration table within 90 minutes of the game’s completion. A Grievance Committee will need to deal with any protests received. If the protest is upheld, the $200 will be refunded. No protests will be accepted based on a referee’s decision. THE REFEREES’ DECISIONS ARE FINAL

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